Shane Green, President,  SGEI INTERNATIONALShane Green, President, SGEI INTERNATIONAL
Similar to your customer’s experience defining your brand, so does your employee's experience at work define your company culture. The question is not “do you have a culture?” but rather, “do you have the type of culture that will deliver the desired customer experience and fulfil your brand promise? If I could give one piece of advice to every small business, it would be, “Never underestimate the importance of your employees’ experience to your business’s success.” Over more than a decade of working to improve customer experience and business performance, I’ve learned that the key is to focus on your company culture.

Culture is not an HR thing, but rather a business thing that every small business owner must be thinking about. Being a small business ourselves, we know firsthand the difficulties that small businesses have faced throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic and now as we focus on attracting, engaging, and retaining the best people.

We are known as the service culture experts, acknowledged this year (link to the article in previous magazine) for our global transformation work. We are launching a new suite of products specifically designed to support small business owners and managers. Our small business suite of products is designed to provide the training, tools, and templates that owners and managers need, but don’t have the infrastructure from HR or L&D departments to produce and focus on internally. Our products are focused on helping businesses attract, engage, and retain the right people for their business.

We have three main products that we are really excited about – our Small Business Assessment, Small Business Toolbox, and Leadership Performance Program.

● The Culture Hacker Small Business Assessment is designed to offer a hands-on, personalized experience for each business. Our SGEi team will evaluate each moment and mechanism from the perspective of employees, managers, and executives, and make individualized recommendations on improvements the business can make to transform their business, culture, and employee experience. Our assessments have helped small businesses grow profits, increase customer satisfaction, and of course, retain and engage their people.

● The Culture Hacker Small Business Toolbox includes guides, tools, templates, and training to elevate culture and employee experience. With resources on everything from recruitment and hiring to conflict management, from creativity and innovation to performance coaching, the small business toolbox has everything a small business owner or leader could need, and new resources are added in real time as our SGEi research reveals up-to-date needs for small businesses.

● SGEi’s Leadership Performance Program is a 12-month learning, networking, and coaching experience designed to teach managers the skills and habits to become the inspirational leaders their business needs them to be. We know firsthand that leadership development is often put on the back burner for small businesses that have so much else to do. This program only requires a commitment of a few hours each month but pays it back in dividends through the skills your leaders will gain.

The SGEi team evaluates each moment and mechanism from the perspective of employees, managers, and executives; It makes individualized recommendations on improvements the business can make to transform its business, culture, and employee experience

Small business owners – now is your time to prioritize your culture and the employee experience. Let’s work together to make sure you’re ready to attract, retain, and engage the best people for your business, and improve your bottom line along the way.

Shane Green, president, and founder of SGEi, is a world-renowned consultant, keynote speaker, television personality, and author of Culture Hacker. Connect with Shane and SGEi via, or by email at Interested in our small business products? Use discount code HRMAGSBP at checkout for 25% off!